MagGrow is a magnetic spraying system that helps farmers grow more by using less. The system, which has been three years in development, gives better coverage than conventional crop spraying systems and also reduces spray drift by more than 80%

Our system uses fine droplets that deliver more accurate results while also controlling drift. Our internationally patented technology is also simple, user-friendly and has no moving parts.
— Gary Wickham, MagGrow CEO

MagGrow, use less, grow more spray system.

MagGrow has developed a pioneering, patented magnetic spraying system for the horticulture & arable sectors of the agricultural industry.

Our new magnetic spraying technology system reduces drift by over 80% and delivers superior coverage by enabling you to spray using fine droplets - a key challenge for conventional spraying technology. This in turn delivers increased profitability through reduced chemical wastage, greater productivity through increased spray windows, supports environmental regulations and is better for the environment.

The MagGrow system is based upon the premise that magnetic fields, applied under appropriate flow and fluid conditions, can influence the physical properties of spray fluid and associated spray droplets in ways that facilitate more effective spray dispersion and target – plant adherence. The superior drift control that is provided by the MagGrow system means that finer droplets can be used thus delivering superior coverage.

MagGrow can be easily fitted to new or existing spray equipment including crop sprayers. MagGrow also offers backpack sprayers including backpack sprayers for centre fed greenhouses and field spraying.


Some of our customer testimonials

“MagGrow delivered 3.5 times more disease control with 40% less water”
- Gizachew Wondemu,
Manager Gallica Flowers, Ethiopia 
"Results are impressive with a clear return on investment"
 - Tom Frankum,
Managing Director Finlays Horticulture Kenya/Tanzania Ltd. 
“Drift reduction is very clear and enables me to get my spray timing spot on without compromising droplet size”

- Tom Sheppard,

Arable Farmer, Ireland

“Increased coverage with reduced application rates offer a great opportunity for cost savings”
- Stephane Mottier,
General Manager Gallica Flowers PLC, Ethiopia
“I wish to congratulate MagGrow and ask you please continue pushing forward in realising the use of this technology in Ethiopia”
- Habtemariam Abate (Ph.D.),
Advisor, ECB, ATA (2015)

We are passionate about the belief that every generation has the right to food & water. Our purpose is to inspire & innovate a better way to grow.