Welcome to MagGrow

MagGrow is a spraying technology that helps farmers grow more by using less. The system gives better coverage than conventional crop spraying systems. 

The Problem

70% of pesticide spray does not reach the target crop


The MagGrow Solution

Increases coverage by over 40% and Reduces drift by up to 70%


MagGrow Benefits

our customers are seeing multiple benefits such as:

40% + increased coverage & up to 70% drift reduction

Additional other benefits include:  

  • Reduced water usage by 25%-50%

  • Extended spray windows

  • Environmental and Legislative Compliance

  • Increased efficacy and disease control arising from using smaller droplets without the associated drift issues.

our Partners

Together we are better with our Partners

A solid partner ecosystem is important for both MagGrow and our customers. Without strong partners, we are unable to sustain our growth and success in the ever-changing AgTech world. Partners bring key industry expertise as well as geographical coverage, thereby helping growers around the world take full advantage of the power of our technology.  

 our Customers

MagGrow technology provides a cost effective and sustainable environmental solution to a customer’s needs and makes a real difference to their bottom line. We now have many customer success stories across different geographies and crop types that illustrate the tremendous benefits of the MagGrow technology. Take a minute to sample some stories and understand how MagGrow works with our customers every day.


MagGrow Awards