What does MagGrow do?

Our magnetic spraying system reduces drift by over 80% and delivers superior coverage by enabling you to spray using finer droplets*, a key challenge for conventional spraying systems.

* Superior coverage delivered by fine droplets. Tom Robinson, The Art and Science of Spray Application (2010) British Crop Protection Council

How does MagGrow work?

The MagGrow system is based upon the premise that magnetic fields, applied under appropriate flow and fluid conditions, can influence the physical properties of spray fluid and associated spray droplets in ways that facilitate more effective spray dispersion and target – plant adherence.

The superior drift control that is provided by the MagGrow system means that finer droplets can be used thus delivering superior coverage.

MagGrow can be easily fitted to new or existing spray equipment including crop sprayers.

MagGrow also offers backpack sprayers including backpack sprayers for centre fed greenhouses and field spraying.

Increased coverage with reduced application rates offer a great opportunity for cost savings
— Stephane Mottier General Manager Gallica Flowers PLC, Ethiopia (2015)