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MagGrow’s Purpose

"We are passionate about the belief that every generation has the right to food and water. Our purpose is to inspire and innovate a better way to grow."

What is the MagGrow system?

The MagGrow system is a patented, proprietary technology for droplet formation that yields superior spray drift-reduction and spray coverage performance.

How The MagGrow System Works

MagGrow can be easily fitted to new or existing spray equipment including crop sprayers.

The superior drift control that is provided by the MagGrow system means that finer droplets can be used thus delivering superior coverage and better efficacy.


Increased profitability

Increased productivity

Better labour and land availability

Better compliance

Better Environmental responsibility

MagGrow reduces Traditional Agricultural Pesticide Spraying Waste

Conventional agricultural pesticide spraying practices can typically result in 70% waste with only 30% of what is actually sprayed reaching its target. This results in chemical and water waste, while increasing levels of environmental pollution.

MagGrow has developed a pioneering, patented magnetic spraying system that reduces drift by up to 70% and delivers superior coverage by enabling you to spray using finer droplets, a key challenge for conventional spraying systems.

Why is it important to find a better way to grow?

By 2050, climatic impacts on food and water security will be unmistakable. There are likely to be 9 billion people on the planet. Most people will live in cities and demand for food and water will increase dramatically. The exponential increase in the demand for food and water urgently requires us to find better ways to grow.

Grow with Us

MagGrow are always seeking talented individuals to grow with us across the globe. Get in touch to register an interest.