World AG EXPO 2018

MagGrow Launching A New Product 



 Find us  here at stand R37  - click here for  MAP

Find us here at stand R37 - click here for MAP

Agri-innovator MagGrow has developed a patented, proprietary technology for droplet formation that yields superior spray drift-reduction and spray coverage performance.

The agricultural spray technology operates across three global footprints, the USA, Canada, and Europe.  MagGrow strategically focus on accelerating growth in existing markets of North America and Europe.

MagGrow customers are seeing two core benefits of 70%+ drift reduction & increased coverage of at least 20-40% depending upon the crop and spraying conditions.  

MagGrow technology delivers significant savings in pesticide usage, scarce resources such as water and labor, extends spray windows and meets environmental and legislative requirements. Critically, MagGrow reduces the risk of pesticides drifting into neighboring fields.

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Our Partners

Our Partners 

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The people at Pacific Ag Rentals (PAR) have been in the agriculture business for over 30 years.  Via PARs partnership with the MagGrow technology, and through a platform called ‘AGcess’ we now are positioned to bring the MagGrow technology to the Californian market in the most efficient way.  The AGcess platform, leveraging from the established network of Pacific Ag Rentals & MagGrow, bring innovators and early adopters together to achieve leading examples of best in class farm practices.   

Come Visit Us at The World AG Expo 2018

Come Visit Us At The World AG Expo 2018

Find us here at stand R37 - click here for MAP

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